How to pick best PC for programming from apple and windows?

An operating system (OS) serves as a conduit between a computer’s user and its hardware. An operating system’s function is to offer a setting in which a user can conveniently and effectively run programs.

For a computer to function properly, an operating system is required. All of the programs running on the device must be managed and given access to resources (memory, CPU, and storage) by an operating system.

The operating system enables you to interact with the software components after the desktop has been successfully loaded on your device, and the hardware components enable the operating system to process this data. Additionally, the operating system includes a memory manager, similar to Google Chrome. This facilitates our entry and exit from programs.

The Operating System supports multitasking in order to simplify computation. For instance, the operating system keeps all the background programs running when you maximize a video to watch a video or play a game.

If you’re learning to code or have some experience, you may have wondered which is better for programming—a Mac or a PC.

Overall, a Mac offers a better user experience and security while a PC is a good option for gaming and offers a wide selection of programs created exclusively for Windows. There are other considerations, though, when it comes to programming.

Let’s compare the strengths of the PC and Mac for programming.

1. The Command Line(Terminal vs Command Line)

Thanks to the graphical user interface, the majority of us use computers by clicking on graphical components (GUI). However, you must be familiar with typing commands into a computer if you want to work as a programmer.

One of macOS’s coolest features is that it is based on Unix What makes this good? due to its integrated terminal. The majority of command-line operations can be carried out automatically using the terminal, along with running programs and controlling the operating system. The Windows command prompt, also known as cmd, has some restrictions, such as the absence of some common Unix commands.

To get the same functionality as the macOS terminal on Windows, you can install a Unix-like terminal, but the setup is difficult for beginners.

PowerShell is a more advanced version of Windows’ cmd. The functionality of the Powershell is similar to that of the macOS terminal. However, learning Unix syntax is more advantageous than learning PowerShell syntax because Unix is widely used in modern technology infrastructure.

2. Hardware and Battery Life.

MacOS computers don’t allow for much customization, but Windows laptops allow for upgrades to the RAM and hard drive. This is essential if you have a basic laptop and want to increase performance without purchasing a new one.

The battery life, on the other hand, is an additional crucial consideration. This can assist you in maintaining your concentration on your code rather than on locating a laptop charging station.

Most recent MacBooks have excellent battery life. The battery life of the 13-inch MacBook Pro is up to 20 hours, compared to up to 18 hours for the MacBook Air with M1 and M2 chips. Windows-based computers can have erratic battery life; generally speaking, more expensive models have better batteries than less expensive models, but this isn’t always the case.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

The ability to run all the popular operating systems on your computer while using MAC OS X is a huge benefit for programmers. It would be challenging to run OS X on a Windows laptop, and the only way to do so is by installing hacked OS X versions. On the other hand, MACs can run virtualized versions of Windows and even Linux with ease.

The benefit of having this ability is that you’ll discover while programming that some tools are only available on Windows and others are only available on MAC OS X. This necessitates the ability to switch between the various operating systems, which is why programmers favor the MacBook as their computer of choice.

Another crucial point to be aware of is the fact that no programs can be made for iOS or OS X on a Windows computer. So, if you plan to develop for iOS or OS X in the future, MAC is unquestionably the way to go.

Using macOS has its benefits.

  • Easy Installation.

Packages, development tools, and applications are simple to install.

Technological Features. A number of distinctive features, including Siri, DaVinci Resolve (a visual studio for film editing), and a very user-friendly navigation system, are included with the Mac OS.

  • Facilitates Multitasking.

Mac was designed with multitasking in mind. This OS has the inherent ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously and switch between them with ease.

  • iOS Development.

Mac is the best option for programmers who are creating software for Apple products. Apple cloud servers are easily synchronized with devices, files, and data for sharing and storage.

  • Efficient Tech Support.

If you have any problems, Apple provides quick tech support with a range of options.

Disadvantages of mac OS

  • Unaffordable.

More than half of the population cannot afford the most recent iMac Pro’s $4,999 price tag.

  • Not recommended for Gamers.

When it comes to gaming capabilities, Windows systems easily outperform Apple computers. This will be the incorrect decision if you are a game developer or a gamer.

  • Inflexible Upgrades.

After making the purchase, you can upgrade your Mac’s RAM or memory. Only Windows systems are capable of making these changes.

Advantages of using Windows 10

  • Antivirus.

The idea that viruses can infect Windows operating systems is a serious misconception. Their built-in antivirus defense is strong and protective in the actual situation.

  • Affordable.

Comparing Windows 10 to the new Mac, you can save a lot of money. Linux is the least expensive—even it’s free. The most economical option is thought to be Windows.

  • Software Support.

For development, Windows supports a huge variety of hardware and software components.

  • Extended Battery Life.

Windows offers a longer battery life than Mac does.

  • Simple Upgrades.

Windows is a better option for programmers who regularly customize and update their systems.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

  • Mixed Drivers.

Although customization is its greatest strength, it is also viewed as a weakness. Occasionally, allowing many drivers to operate simultaneously can cause catastrophic system failures.

  • Forces Updates.

If you don’t update the Windows operating system, it frequently stops functioning. This could prevent you from completing any of your necessary tasks. This Windows problem has been reported by numerous users.

  • Speed Limitations.

Windows is slower than Mac and Linux when it comes to running scripts, switching between tasks, and compiling codes.


Apple has a UNIX-based command line, making it better for programming. Programming becomes simpler as almost any language can be used to run programs. Additionally, UNIX is by default more secure than Windows.

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